Quiet City

Everyone likes to philosophise about the ‘battle’ between print and online media. Connor O’Brien is having a bet each way with his brand new collection of short stories Quiet City, which thoughtfully considers lives and their ubiquitous links to technology. Poignant, at times amusing and always carefully constructed, this cleanly designed piece makes you nod in agreement and then step back in horror as you recognise yourself in situations well out of your control: The addicted eBayer, the desperate tweeter/blogger, the robotic coder tapping out line after line of letters and numbers. But it’s fine, because you’re not quite like them, right? Not yet.

– Review of Quiet City, @ The Thousands

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  2. […] Quiet City, a wonderfully designed collection of stories by Connor O’Brien, is available for purchase, or pay-by-tweet or -facebook, where you can download the pdf after tweeting/facebooking it. O’Brien, in our correspondence, says: The book is a bit of an experiment in selling literature online (it actually doubles as a test case for my PhD thesis on publishing) […] the online editions use social networking as currency: you pay with a tweet or facebook post. As a happy coincidence, the title story imagines a world in which social networking stats have superseded cash, so there’s a bit of an interesting tension there — the fiction creating the reality. […]

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